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Small finches like goldfinches, pine siskins, and redpolls devour these tiny, black, needle-like seeds. Nyjer is imported from Ethiopia, India and other areas of southeast Asia.The seeds are heat sterilized to limit their chance of spreading while retaining their food value. A bonus to feeding nyjer seed? Squirrels typically ignore it! So hang those nyjer feeders and enjoy your birds! As small as it is, a nyjer seed does have a shell. If you think birds aren’t eating the seed because you see some on the ground, examine it more closely: you are likely seeing the thin nyjer shells.


A hidden gem, I have lived in Sudbury for a long time and I never knew the store was there until recently. There is decor for everyone and a great place to buy gifts for friends and family. The employees are very friendly and helpful (...)

Haley Swanson - Google Review

I visited this store for the first time today and was amazed by the selection of bird, bat and butterfly houses and feeders. I only went in to get some poles for feeders I already have but I will be back. They also have a wide selection of home and garden gifts.

Dawn Boston - Google Review

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