Out of the Lyme Light and into the Sunlight - Bob Bell

Out of the Lyme Light and into the Sunlight - Bob Bell

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Out of the Lyme Light and into the Sunlight tells of the journey undertaken by the author, Bob Bell, after developing a bizarre set of increasingly debilitating symptoms, eventually leading to a diagnosis of Lyme disease. He describes his experiences, including the various allopathic and complementary medical treatments he received, and his frustrations in dealing with a skeptical Canadian medical system, which resulted in him seeking out-of-country medical treatment. Amidst an exhausting barrage of medications,
fiery nerve pain, overwhelming fatigue and chronic pain, Bob turned to his love of nature and discovered the therapeutic benefits of birding to his health. He reflects on birding as his ideal therapy for dealing with both chronic disease and chronic pain, and provides tips on how to begin birding, and how to enjoy it, too, regardless of one’s physical ability. This bool is the result of the author’s desire to make this potentially life-changing hobby accessible to everyone, and to give hope to those seeking to feel better.


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